What We Do

Cobham Pets

Dog Walking in Cobham is designed for those owners who may be out at work all day, or are unexpectedly called away from home or have other commitments. You may be going on holiday, taking a break or simply need to release some time and that’s where I come in.

With 10 years experience of dog and cat grooming once owning grooming parlours in London and Surrey. I will come out to your home, your dog or cat won’t feel stressed when theres no travelling – no other barking dogs – no cages! My service is insured giving you piece of mind.


Within a 5 miles radius, extra charge may apply over 5 miles

Dog Day Care
  • I can collect your dog and drop home From 8.30-3.30
  • £30 per day within a 5 mile radius.
  • Longer stays are available plus your welcome to drop off  and collect your dog.
Dog Boarding 
Leaving your beloved dog is not easy when going away, welcome  to meet me beforehand, making sure  your dog is content.  They will be walked, socialised, plenty of cuddles and photos sent to you.
Do bring any home comforts bed blanket toy food
  • 10% off for more than one dog.
  • 10% off for 2 weeks plus
  • you can also take advantage of our dog wash and grooming service.
  • £33 per night
Cat Services



  • £10 per call out within a 5 mile radius



Mainly for long haired cats that are matted or need a trendy lion clip. Taking the fur short on the entire body, leaving a mane, half the tail and booties for legs, the paws and pads are trimmed ears cleared and nails cut. If you have a any preference of style please let us know, you may not want part the tail off or not want to go too short.


  • £55 with bath ex £15


We have use of a rake cat comb and other tools to comb all dead hair out, if the coat is matted in places this will have to be clipped out often round bottom or underarms. Nails cut.


  • £40 with bath ex £20


Using a range of natural and organic shampoos then hand dried and nails cut.


  • £40

Fixed price for call out charge £10

To find out anything more, please feel free to contact us directly.